I have always been a writer and I finally managed to publish a book. The first book I've written! Surely more to come though. My other writings mostly consists of shortstories, poetry, articles and scientific essays. Now my book is available for purchase on several platforms ( links below). I hope many will buy this book and enjoy reading it. 

 EPIC SUFFERING: the horror. 

Book Description

Horror, gore, sex and drama are the main ingredients in this pseudo autobiographic psychological thriller by Angelina Elander. Just as the title indicates it’s epic suffering and from the first page to the last. It’s about how one woman goes out on a drug induced binge after a painful separation and finds love in all the wrong places. First she falls in love with the singer of a Brazilian band and at their concert she meets the guy that would ruin her life forever. It turns out he’s a schizophrenic massmurderer: six months after their rendezvous he goes out on a terrible killing spree in a kindergarten. Then she starts sending him love letters and comes in contact with an infamous top gangster in the same prison. Friends and family want to declare her insane and have her locked up in a mental institution, but were they ever friends and what are they trying to hide by their attempts to silence her? It’s written in a humorous manner with added elements of science fiction and contains a lot of cocky dialogue.

The book has been richly illustrated by Belgian artist Michaël Janssens. 

What did he see?, Michaël Janssens, 2010

Where can you buy it?

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