The World- a tarotcard I have embroidered. 

Sometimes I work as a tarot consultant and have been doing this on and off for more than 20 years.

Currently I work for Lucky Tarot under my second name Cleo. This is a Swedish service where I work certain hours or when I have time  left over to log in.

If you want to have a tarot consultation and are not living in Sweden, or for some other reason can't access Lucky Tarots services, you can contact me at: angelina.elander@gmail.com

As for the prices, normally I charge 50 € for a consultation, either via phone or mail. You pay in advance with Paypal or Swish ( 0735167064).

The deck I'm using right now, but only for inspiration really.

Mostly people ask me about relationships, carreer, guidance in difficult situations, messages from the other side, lost items, communication with animals,  how others perceive you, general philosophical questions ( why is this happening to me? ) etc, but you can ask me anything you want that is important for you.

Sometimes it's all just friendly gossip too about why the idiot is not calling and where your grandma hid the jewels, so basically: come as you are!

Best regards
Angelina Elander

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