Wednesday, October 2

Alien evaluation of humanity

If you were an alien sent to live a life on Earth to evaluate whether humanity deserves rescue or not, what would your evaluation be? What parameters would you use in your evaluation? I would consider level of empathy towards other lifeforms as most important. But perhaps you are searching to preserve a ruthless, evil, sinister and corrupt race, one that would sell their children for a pack of cigarettes? However, if you have come on a possible rescue mission to evaluate if humanity displays any qualities that would be beneficial for preservation of life in general with qualities like empathy,  intelligence and the ability of holistic awareness, a race that values life as such , then would you say you have found that here on Earth? I have found that among smaller groups of people, rare individuals representing a very small percentage of humanity. With the risk of sounding Shopenhaueresque I don't think humanity deserves rescue, however the climate striking youth may change my mind. The way we treat animals, nature, children and ultimately each other is in many ways horrific and despicable. Based on that , I would not care to save humanity from its own destruction. Humanity is based upon greed as the primary driving force. Humans want to win. They want to be best and beat the rest. The majority of humans are self sufficient narcissistic assholes. What use do the universe have for them?  If they would come in contact with other/alien civilizations they would not adapt, they would try to conquer, exploit and destroy, as they have done throughout history so far. Humanity has a long way to evolve before they can be considered worthy of preservation. The millions of other lifeforms on the planet Earth must however be rescued and preserved, as they represent a miraculous plethora of life living in harmonious symbiosis by themselves. Humans have only ruined the planet and disrupted and destroyed that natural harmony between all other lifeforms. From an life preservation perspective, valuing all lifeforms as equal, the millions of non-human lifeforms on Earth outweighs humanity. From a life preserving democratic perspective the logical solution would be to remove humanity from the planet. Perhaps leave a few selected groups who have displayed qualities that are harmonious with the millions of other species. Just as sectarian communities need to be disrupted and divided, so does humanity. If we consider humanity a species to preserve, they should because of their destructive collective nature be divided and placed on different planets with different types of civilizations that are living in harmony with their natural environment, where the humans are vastly outnumbered by the indigenous populations and kept under strict surveillance until their destructive nature has been eradicated.  Don't you think?

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