Tuesday, September 24

The crazy crazy Belgians

See article here: https://www.nieuwsblad.be/cnt/dmf20190918_04615437

I wanted to make a post about Greta, how wonderful it is to see this young woman take place in the public room and speaking her mind, telling it like it is and making a stand for the environment. An issue far more important than anything else right now.

But then I googled myself. On the 18th of September the crazy Belgians had posted another idiotic article where I'm mentioned. They are apparently obsessed by me and can't let go. They want my reaction. They are very much like stalkers that way. The difference between media and stalkers is that media you must adress, otherwise if the story goes without replying people will think it's the truth, which it rarely is, and this is no exception. To read the entire article one must pay, which I of course will not, but the headline and the picture says enough. They want me to be that prison groupie that is all excited about Belgian prisoners now being on dating sites. They want me to rush to the dating sites and declare my undying love for each and everyone of them. What fantastic headlines that would give them. How much money they would earn from selling newspapers. So, basically they are using me to give their article attention, because those criminals won't. They are just nobodies. It's pathetic. Do you want an interview Belgians? The rate has redoubled since last time we spoke. Just so you know. 

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