Sunday, September 1

So who's my guy?

What do you all think/feel?

You know I'm single and too famous for normal people and too infamous for famous people and basically stuck in social Catch 22.

Normal people who are afraid of the limelight can be ruled out immediately (because I'm already there) , because they are like muslims having crazy ideas about how you should live your life and who you should be to fit into their limited perception of the world.

So, I'm stuck in the realm of the public room. Who's there for me?

Is it Zlatan? Is he ready to take a second wife, or how is he going to work his way around this?
Then we have Ville Valo, Jared Leto, Thomas Jane, Joel Kinnaman, Bill Skarsgård... and some other chickens...

Please, offer me your opinion, who do you think would be perfect for me regardless?

Or should I just start digging my own grave because next year I will turn 50 and basically be dead to the world?

I will absolutely not be a Hollywood wife, wear a dress or walk in high heals, but you are welcome to pay for my facelift in order to get a date to begin with.

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