Sunday, July 28

Graveyard reading

Every Saturday I have a live session at Cleos Tarot on Facebook. Today it was so warm that I decided to do it outdoors in the Boulogner forest, which is a park and green area in the city. It also has a cemetery. My first thought was to find the newly built labyrinth in the park, but I was running out of time, as the live sessions are scheduled at 7pm, so I decided to go for the cemetery instead, thinking it will be nice and tranquil and not so many people. It's a very nice cemetery, well cared for with fresh flowers everywhere. I was looking for a place to sit and found these benches in between two memorial gardens, but as soon as I sat down ants started crawling up my legs, so I had to find another spot. I found a nice spot in the grass in one of the memorial gardens. It felt a bit strange to do a live reading there in the graveyard, but I took out my tarot cards, angel cards and animal cards and everything went fine. It was a nice session.  There is absolutely no particular point in me telling you this. The story has nothing witty, no pun. It was just pleasant all together. Peaceful. The session are always 30 minutes long. When I walked away I stopped at one tombstone in particular. I don't know why I stopped there. The stone was pretty, black with golden text and a white dove on top. It was a man's grave. Someone who had died young, born in the 80's. Very common Swedish names. I know a handful with the same first name and a handful with the same last name. Two people came to mind immediately. An unlikely duo to have any connection with each other. Both nice people though. Goodhearted. The same message came up in the cards during the session, which was to reconnect with old friends or family members. Maybe I should press like on the last posts of the unlikely duo then. Which is how people reconnect these days. 

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