Tuesday, June 25

The Keanu hype

Ok, so all of a sudden we are supposed to care about Keanu, how cool he is and what a kind person he is.  The almighty Keanu. In a naive world, it could be seen as cute, deserving and spontaneous, that people just suddenly realized how dreamy he is, but most likely it's a marketing hype for this new game and this new film.

I should get money for reposting this crap. Well, Toy Story at least bring back some good memories, the Buzz Lightyear doll, where did that go? The game is just horrible. The realism in the characters is a bit uncanny though. What will happen when real actors are replaced with digital? An old debate for sure, but when all real eyes disappear from the media flow, how will our perception and recognition of ourselves as humans change?

I must of course also remind you of the priceless comment from my ex some several hundred years ago:
- Why don't you just take Keanu instead?
My ex was nudging me to get inolved with Keanu already then. Maybe they knew each other. All the secrecy. It just came out of the blue for me and perhaps that is why I remember it. On the other hand, I do remember disturbingly much in detail in general. Maybe he had been thinking about who would be perfect for me and all he could come up with was Keanu. However, Keanu was not then what Keanu is now, nor am I of course, so the Keanu my ex though was perfect for me does no longer exist. Unless, Keanu is unchangeable, a solid matter, The mysteries of this world.

Oh, and the game releases on my dads birthday.

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