Sunday, June 16

Ten commands of dating Angelina

So, I've decided to give love a chance, but first some groundbreaking rules: 

1. Thou shalt love me just as I am and not try to change or control me or attempt to 'steer up' my life. 
2. Thou shalt love animals and nature and not see animals as food or nature as something to profit on.
3. Thou shalt take care of your health and economy and feel secure with yourself.
4. Thou shalt possess self distance and a sense of humor and enjoy laughing and having fun with me.
5. Thou shalt be kind and like intimacy and not be prone to violence. 
6. Thou shalt be creative and interested in joint projects.
7. Thou shalt be open minded and curious and not stuck in religious dogmas or other fix ideas.
8. Thou shalt be evolved beyond gender roles and see love as a universal power that belongs to all.
9. Thou shalt enjoy playing, games, physical exercise and travelling.
10. Thou shalt possess your own residence and respect my privacy and need for alone time. 

It's pretty basic actually and shouldn't even need to be listed, but there are people out there who don't even know the basics, so that's why I need to spell it out, for them to stay away. I am not for you misogynist asshole. 

Anyway, if you feel we have a connection and can check all these points, then feel free to contact me and ask me out on a date, coffee, dinner or whatever. However, keep in mind that just because you ask doesn't mean I am obligated to respond to your request or date you. I pick and choose whomever I want. If you're lucky then you get a yes. 

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