Tuesday, June 25

Future scenarios

The recent UFO briefings, the many science fiction and apocalyptic films and series reproduces a discourse of an apocalyptic and alien future. In the beginning of science fiction one could consider it was written as results of collective fantasies of a possible future. One could also ponder if those thoughts were evolutionary programmed to serve a purpose for the development of the species. That it's natural for life on any planet to evolve out to space. If we then look at science fiction today and how extremely mainstreamed it actually is, it supports the illusion of an actual reality. We all know what the inside of a spaceship looks like, different types of spaceships even. We also know that what is published in media, specifically entertainment, as what most people do online is to entertain themselves, serve to condition our worldviews towards a desired target. Desired in many ways. For the immediate pleasure of self, for corporate financial pleasure and for the pleasure of mind controlling power hungry creatures so vile that they must surely be aliens. Perhaps this almost homogeneous science fiction discourse is created to prepare us for an actual inevitable future. Then watch Chernobyl on top of that.

Have a great summer. :)

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