Wednesday, June 12

Body combat

For you who are familiar with the Les Mills class body combat, how rewarding is the jump kick? I mean, it's the pay off, it's what you're looking forward to do when you go there. Now, release 79 and 80 has no jump kick, according to the current instructor. New instructor btw. Nothing wrong with her. I asked her after the class why there was no jump kick in last two releases, and she didn't know. Sometimes the instructors adjust the release to fit their own preferences or the assumed capability of the class. Maybe I'm the only one who love the jump kick, but in general I think release 80 seems incredibly dull, there was no section where you really felt engaged. No song that caught your attention. I'm disappointed actually. I've been thinking about becoming an instructor myself, but then again, I turn 50 next year and am not sure I have time to be there several times per week. I'm still considering though. Maybe it's just an alluring fantasy, that isn't that fun when you actually do it, as most of everything in life. Anyway, I filed my complaint. No jump kick, no satisfied Angelina.

It's like this song, that you simply never get tired of.

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