Friday, May 31

Tired of talking to idiots

If you ever been a victim of gas lighting you recognize it immediately when you see it. It happens everywhere. Some people try to hide their own incompetence my making you doubt your own. If you  don't understand what I'm talking about then maybe you are stupid, have you considered that? Do I really have to lower myself to kindergarten level for you to understand me? If you find my reasoning to be too complicated for you because you don't have the prior knowledge needed to understand them, and you are in a societal position where you are at risk of losing your face because of your lacking abilities, then it's probably easier for you to attack me personally and prevent me from revealing your incompetence than actually admitting you don't have what it takes to evaluate my reasoning. 

Well, that's how the thesis is going. I'm going to embrace the "constructive criticism" and restructure to kindergarten level. If possible. It's a masters thesis, not high school. 

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