Sunday, May 12

Ted Bundy

I started watching the Bundy tapes on Netflix some weeks ago, thought it was quite boring at first and stopped watching, but then the adaptation for the screen with Zac Efron came out, which I had to watch ( because Efron is hot). This triggered an interest to finish watching the documentary.

It's a quite interesting case, because Bundy got to defend himself even though he was not a lawyer. At that time the DNA technique was not developed either, so the physical evidence they had was his dental impression on one of the victims buttocks. If you watch the film it shows Bundy was dragged out from prison in the middle of the night to a dentist who took pictures of his teeth and perhaps made a dental cast of his teeth. A dental cast that could have been used to make the dental impression afterwards in order to fabricate evidence. I'm not saying he was innocent, just pointing out how easy it is to frame someone for a crime if you work within the justice system. It is also interesting that he claimed his innocence until the end and according to the film he confessed at the end to gain a few more hours to live. We all know a person put under pressure and torture will confess to anything just to save their own lives. I suppose we will never know the truth.  Psychopaths also lie about everything and appear as the nicest persons in the world, charming,  and know exactly what to say to escape the truth.

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