Friday, May 10

Stupid Belgians

"That curiosity was not always appreciated. Like when you gave Angelina Elander, the artist who glorified Kim De Gelder, a forum. Even when you spoke to a pedophile, the room was too small." (Jeroen Denaeghel 

Liekens: “I am a supporter of the ubuntu philosophy that Nelson Mandela propagated: talk to someone with whom you fundamentally disagree. This is how you progress as a society. Hiding someone in a well is counterproductive. Because how can we recognize the pathological behavior of a pedophile if we have not talked extensively with him? Knowledge is power and the beginning of all wisdom. Just look at me! (laughs)"

I can not believe my eyes. Seriously? It's an interview article with Goedele Liekens, who's talk show I visited in 2010. Now they are interviewing her about her choice of subjects and place me in the same category as pedophiles. I was a victim of a pedophile myself and would never replicate that disgusting behavior. Some pedophile victims do however.

I did not glorify Kim De Gelder, if that is the content you got from my interview then you didn't listen at all, only searched to validate your own prior assumptions. The question is constructed in a way that it insinuates that I am a pedophile as well. This is a public document. I will report this to the police. Unfortunately the police in Sweden is corrupt enough to not do shit about it, as usual. The police force in Sweden is the most misogynist organization in the world. They are worse than Isis. If a woman reports a crime they will just laugh her in the face, unless she comes from a wealthy family who is friends with the police chief.

I need a lawyer. I am going to sue every piece of shit that is twisting my words to fit their agendas. Sensation seeking idiots.

After my appearance in Goedeles talk show, she came up to me and said that she agreed with what I said, that I was right, so how hypocritical is this?

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