Wednesday, May 22

Restriction of abortion is a threat to all life on the planet

The planet is overpopulated by humans. We do not need more humans. We can't take care of the ones living now. They can't take care of themselves either. People are dying from starvation, illnesses and war.  And, most importantly: humans are an environmental hazard. To restrict abortion rights is the most stupid thing we can do. If you value life as such, not just human life, I urge you to continue to fight the right of abortion. What is happening in America is deeply frightening. A set-back to the middle ages. Are you going to let religion and stupidity rule? The same right wing religious tendencies are growing stronger in Europe as well. When are people going to wake up from their coma? Instead we should encourage abortion and forbid men to decide anything anymore. You are done deciding. Look where your decision have led us. Get out of my life, get our of my body, get out of your self righteous delusions. You don't have any rights anymore to do anything.

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