Sunday, April 21

Happy Easter!

The suffering of the Jesus memory and the ideas that were placed upon him. If one can call Jesus him. The Jesus concept is perhaps more fitting. Religion truly is a can of worms. What did the suffering symbolize now again? The forgiveness of our collective sins? Forgiveness as we know now, is submission that comes with a price. It's the IOU note. Hanging on the cross must have hurt, and people have not lived up to the IOU note, but rendered its promise to something to ask additional forgiveness for, faking submission. If you want Jesus to forgive you, you must pay for your sins, is that not so? Not living up to the first IOU note from more than 2000 years ago, then asking for another for not living up to it? Is that deserving forgiveness? Is the Jesus concept a push-over, someone to bully and neglect? Apparently. Why do we need that?  As a male metaphor for the mother figure, mansplaining love and kindness, wisdom and understanding. Flagellation is used as the means to mansplain what happens when mothers don't raise their boys right, according to the patriarchal power structures in society. Women are being punished through their children, and told to punish them first, before someone else does, when they are neglecting the chain of command due to lack of prior flagellation. You see now how religion and the patriarchal power structures in society always aim to inflict pain and suffering in all stages and sections of life. Happiness is seen as a sin. How much worse can it get? And then they reveal themselves so blatantly when Notre Dame has burned, donating huge amount of money to restore the symbol of oppression. It's a beautiful building, but there are other causes, environmental and humanitarian, for those with financial means to fund. So who are these supporters of oppression donating money to the restoration of Notre Dame. I was there when I was 11 , keeping an eye out for the hunchback. Evil is spreading in the world, watch out for those more concerned with upholding power structures instead of protecting nature and wildlife, the basis for our survival. Humanity has become infested with greed and the rich are sitting locked up in their safe houses waiting for the poor to kill each other off, so they can emerge once again, as the ancient Gods repopulating the Earth with their sinister spawn. As a poetic pun, not placing any evil on rich kids per se. They are victims of their environment as well. And of course as a reflection of how the oppressed tend to view them, as representatives of their oppressors.

That and eating candy.

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