Saturday, April 6

Country life

The longer I'm out here, the further away life in the city seems. I've been planting carrots, radishes, cucumbers and flowers of various sorts. Taking care of the little piece of land I've got. There are wild boars running around at night and turning up the soil at the roots of trees looking for worms. It looks like a bombshell where they have been. I don't mind though, all wild animals are welcome here. I saw a pregnant fox the first day I was here. I hope she got away from the mad men with guns. What kind of psychopath wants to kill a pregnant fox?

Anyway, been cleaning out the attic too.Except wasps, dust and mineral wool there are some odd stuff up there, like an old accordion and some strange Tesla- like beauty device. I'm not going to try it, don't want to risk getting sent to another dimension or be duplicated. Well, duplicated might work, I don't know, how would I benefit from clones if there is no shared ego or consciousness. What if the clone become more successful than me? What if the love of my life chose the clone instead of me?

Speaking of, when I interview people who wants to work for the tarot line, I ask them about love. The most recent have told me that he will be in my life in 6 months, and that I know him since before. He's approximately one head shorter than me, five years older, dark hair and is a rocker who like, Black Sabbath. Well, that kind of narrows it down.

My first thought was of course: That is not how Zlatan looks. Perhaps on his knees and let's face it, even those who are 20 years younger than me could be mistaken for being older. ;)

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