Monday, April 29

Book sales

If you look to the left you see my book that I released in 2016. It was written from 2010 to 2015.  It has a special style, as it mixes poetry with fact and fiction and creates a psychedelic feeling of not knowing what is real or not. The chronology is also blended, past memories synchronizing with present events. It's not the reflexive storytelling of a dramatic event, but a vomit held in for too long that needed to get out. Writing the book became my rescue after experiencing a horrible traumatic event. If you know me, you also know that there have been plentiful of horrible traumatic events in my life, of which most are dealt with in one way or another in the book. It is also funny, because it is for me almost impossible to tell something without adding some sort of comic relief. Irony and metaphors are frequently used in the book. Irony is tricky, because there are no absolute clues to what is ironically intended or not, that I left up to the reader. How a person reads and interprets a text reveals a lot about themselves.  There could be a part 2:

"Now after being  in Luxor I feel the horror again, how they make an effort to create bad situations, provocations to see my reactions for the purpose of finding signs of mental illness and lock me up as a threat to myself and society. That is their main objective. That's all they have left now, to point fingers at me and call me crazy. When all other arguments fail.
- I was talking to that other cat-lady on the phone about her sick mother and her reluctance to eat and drink when I ran into the bathroom and yelled "then it's the mental hospital right away" ! The neighbors must have heard it and though I was yelling at Angelina, for behaving crazy. That's what we want them to think about her, that she is mentally unstable and have to go the mental hospital on a regular basis.
I was sitting in the living room shocked by her blatant effort, but I couldn't say anything , because any reaction on that would have been seen as a sign of mental illness in her book, as she was clearly talking to someone else about something completely different and just had to run into the bathroom and shout that..well, because she thought she heard a cat in there? Not because it echoes to the neighbor. Yes, so that is the kind of abuse that goes on there. The constant gas lighting. If I tell a memory, no matter what it is, she systematically says that I remember wrong, to make me doubt all my memories of pedophilia, physical and emotional abuse. Also the minor abuse, the small things, as complaining about my wrinkle between the eyes, and saying that I'm too thin. Commenting on my body and my appearance. Everything is a superficial game to her. "

Anyway, I released this book in 2016 and now, today, three years later I received my first payment from Amazon, for 2 sold books. I suppose the bootlegs are more interesting, and free. Remember karma though. :)

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