Thursday, March 14

What is for humans?

A large part of humanity live under the delusion that the entire world exists just for them and they are free to do with it as they want. As a solipsistic idea of nothing existing outside the self. Another word for solipsism is egoism.  So, if we acknowledge other lifeforms outside ourselves and outside humanity, as animals, plants, the ecosystem, the planet and the entire universe as we know it ( we can't really acknowledge what  we don't know or have any conception of, other than just acknowledging our uninformed and not omnipotent selves) we should also be able to see our place, our role in the ecosystem. Are we the alien cancer of the planet or do we actually belong here? If we come to the conclusion, however irrational, that we belong here, then how do we fit into the ecosystem? How are we supposed to interact with it? For animals this comes naturally, but with our grotesque egos and seemingly unlimited brain capacity it becomes a problem almost impossible to solve. The options are too many, we know too little, we don't know how to connect to nature. We have absolutely no experience of living in harmony within our natural habitat. How is that even possible? Is that evolution? That is what we must find out, again. How to survive in the wilderness and start all over again with the basics. What is natural for humans to eat? What materials are suitable for our construction. How do we construct without imposing on the ecosystem? What materials are ours to use? What are the best methods to collect and extract material for constructions? How to collect/produce food without tormenting other species and endangering their survival? If we belong here, the answers must be found in nature.

To torture animals in factories like we do now is horrific for them and ourselves, as everything is connected in the ecosystem of the planet, everything is connected through physics and the binding of atoms and everything is connected now for humanity through the collective consciousness in media. Was it like that before? Telepathy is a dangerous subject for those who have something to hide. But there are research in the field that states the impossibility of any form of communication and understanding, learning without telepathy. My point being, the collective consciousness entails both mind and emotion. We also have a collective empathy and sense the great suffering of others being tormented. The great suffering of animals in these factories, the animals on the brink of extinction and a stressed humanity in grief. We have nearly lost our planet to the evil alien cancer. How do we fight back?  If it's not the evil alien cancer threatening us, then it's ourselves. Did we really have to cause this much suffering? Did we lack empathy that much in order to create this nightmare society? How do people working in slaughter houses even sleep at night? How can they live with themselves? The farmer who separates the calves from the mothers, or even shoot the calf in the womb. The people driving the animals transports. Who are these people?

We need to rethink everything from a sustainable environmental holistic perspective and start with ourselves and stop imagining conspiracy theories about the climate changes, stop imagining that the animals are not suffering and stop imagining that we can't do anything because everything is in corporate hands.

Blaming others /freeing yourself from guilt will not help you or anyone.

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