Wednesday, March 13

These amazing leggings

Populalien Illumessicon. are sold and shipped to one lucky customer in France.
The dresses Mist and shadow and Fungo actually went to Luxembourg and not America. This proves Europe knows good fashion. Thank you Europe for being smart and cool.

I'm sure there's something for you too.  Or for someone you care about who deserves a fabulous and unique gift.

I ordered tote bags and stickers for my excellent mediums at Cleos Tarot.  And I'm still working on an international payment solution, so people from all over the world can call in and get readings and counselling.  Perhaps just regular card payment, or Paypal, and then call on messenger.

Have a great day. I'm going to the gym to celebrate this. I'm happy the sales on Red Bubble are starting to multiply, because I have been working real hard on these designs for many years.

Hard work will always pay off.  :)

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