Thursday, March 21

Isn't it romantic?

Allow me to puke, please. Yes, there's no ' Josh' ( it's a Netflix film in case you didn't know) in my life, no natural selection. I do know a Josh. but I don't think he's the one, but you never know, maybe he's evolved into adapting sex appeal? He's more like the guy who would rat me out for a pack of cigarettes. I give love advice all day long to other people. Perhaps this is my karma. Never finding love myself, only guiding others towards love. Sometimes I too get my hopes up and think that someone at least likes me, but they always dump me after a quick google, a look at my age or a concerned citizen warning them about my terrible past according to them.

Have you ever wondered why you entered this life? Was it a drunken bet? Like, I bet I can change the world by giving them the success story of my life ( I say success just to give my living self hope). A girl who was born into this world with nothing, abused all her life, wherever she went, but still survives and rises up from the ashes and does something great. I don't know that this great thing will be, or already has been done, only that its impact on the world will be enough to ...evolve? Isn't that what we're waiting for, the evolution of human kind? We all know that if we remain like this, acting like egotistical mindless and heartless creatures we are doomed. It's the end of the planet.

It's not the end of the world however. The world is more than the planet, but still. Don't you think it's worth saving, for the sake of the animals at least.

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