Sunday, March 17

Climate change deniers

People in Sweden, mostly middle aged men, are accusing Greta Thunberg to be a puppet of some elaborate conspiracy with the agenda to reinstall communism, or whatever. They claim that there are scientific proof that invalidates the human impact on climate changes, as in climate change is caused by the solar activities and not environmental degradation. Further they try to make Greta a victim of these conspiracy forces by expressing concerns regarding her education, that surely must be suffering from all the activism, and also complain about her childish looks,  normal 16 year old girl wear make up and don't have their hair in braids etc. They even state she is being used because of her autism, that she has the ability to memorize longer complicated phrases, because she can't possibly be able to think for herself. They want to silence her, silence the climate and environmental debate, silence women. Discourage young women from speaking up, because look what will happen to you. Middle aged men will criticize your choice of clothes and render you dumb if you don't wear a push-up bra and have collagen lips.  Classical patriarchal oppression techniques.  Regarding the science behind climate change, does it matter? Are the environmental degradation and animal extinction not enough causes to engage in environmental activism and start taking the environmental threats seriously? How can you deny the devastating human impact on nature without being totally blind, dumb and dumber? Why attack a person who wants to protect the environment? What is wrong with you? Are you that afraid of women?

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