Sunday, February 3

This is pure luck

To win on games based on luck three times in one day ( January 25th) is nothing but extreme pure luck. The wins are small, but they are three. On my grandmother Mary's death day, so she might have something to do with it. Thank you Mother Mary. I'm a lucky girl. Well, I think they all had a finger in there. My grandfather loved playing on Keno and looking at the wins: 10, 23 and 55 sek. On October 23 my uncle Sören had namesday as well. Wonder what 55 means? I hope I get to live longer than that. My old friend Thomas is 55 and was born on October 23 as well.  We just spoke about his upcoming concert in town. All the tickets are sold out.  Unfortunately, so I won't be able to go. It would have been fun, a Bowie interpretation. Maybe he can do some changes and fix me a ticket anyway. There's probably some old relative who doesn't really want to go anyway.

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