Saturday, February 2

It could be the winter flu

But I have been sick since for more than three weeks now, so that is unlikely. I just have to stop being sick. Mind over matter. What if we could develop that ability to cure cancer and other deadly diseases. What can it do now? How much can you control yourself with your mind? If you are tired you can sharpen up. If you are overwhelmed by emotions you can restrain yourself from acting upon them. If you are losing your grip you can tighten it. It's not until you put yourself to the test that you know how much your mind can control. That's why physical and mental exercise is important. If you are sick you can cure yourself. Learn that.

It's a bit better though, than before. Now, it's more feverish and sore eyes, dizzy. Stomach pains are waning. It began when I came back from Luleå. It could have been all the meat I had to eat. Maybe I got some intestinal parasite.  To be more accurate it started after my friend came to visit after I got home. Maybe he had some virus with him. Or it could be amalgam poisoning or cancer. The strangest thing is that I got much better after talking to my son. He has healing powers. On me anyway. 

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