Sunday, February 24

Cold reading

In my master studies I am using analysis of body language as a tool and in this particular book they use female psychics as an example of excellent readers of body language, often unaware of their natural skills and assigning them psychic abilities instead. The ability to read body language in combination with knowledge of human nature and a whiff of probability statistics can produce an very accurate 'psychic' reading namely a cold reading.  As this example from the book shows, by using just the two latter variables and even excluding body language.

"I'm glad you've come to this session and I can see you have things that are troubling you because I am receiving strong signals from you. I sense that the things you really want out of life sometimes seem unrealistic and you often wonder whether you can achieve them. I also sense that at times you are friendly, social and outgoing to others, but that at other times you are withdrawn, reserved and cautious. You take pride in being an independent thinker but also know not to accept what you see and hear from others, without proof. You like change and variety but become restless if controlled by restrictions and routine. You want to share your innermost feelings with those closest to you but have found it unwise to be too open and revealing. A man in your life with the initial 'S' is exerting a strong influence over you right now and a woman who is born in November will contact you in the next month with an exciting offer. While you appear disciplined and controlled on the outside, you tend to be concerned and worried on the inside and at times you wonder whether or not you have made the right choice or decision." (Pease & Pease 2006)

This reading has proven to be 80% accurate for all people who read it.

  • Pease, Allan & Pease, Barbara (2006). The definitive book of body language. Bantam hardcover ed. New York: Bantam Books

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