Thursday, February 7

Clarity and common sense

Now that I have reacquainted myself with the new-age crowd ( yes they are still alive and thriving), in my networking mission for my new venture Cleos Tarot, I have discovered not much has changed. It's even worse than I remember it. They have developed a sectarian religious paradigm that is very difficult to reach beyond. Like a fixation. They have decided that the soul and the universe has certain magical qualities, that there are angels watching over us, fairies in the fields and hobgoblins here and there.  Many of them are also conspiracy theorist in climate change denial. They see the dangers of climate change as a political construction, that the people in power have discovered that by instigating fear in the population, by this invented climate change, that they are then more easily controlled. They believe science is brainwashing and dangerous, as it goes against their conception of deities. They are so deep into the fog of delusions that it's quite incredible actually. I'm glad I reunited with them now, because they need me. They need clarity and common sense, and a revision of humor. They blame Zionists, Illuminati and even takes sides with the Nazis in the strive to maintain denial and avoid awakening.  They repeat after each other, compete about who is most illuminated, most clairvoyant etc. The search for new knowledge has stagnated and has developed in the opposite direction, a clinging to magical fantasies. Well, it is an interesting group and a bit scary too. Let me know if I'm starting to lose it myself and start talking about fairies.

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