Monday, February 4


As my post yesterday said: 55.  The Finnish ski jumping legend Matti Nykänen died during the night at an age of 55 the news reported today.  He won 10 gold medals. Haven't found how he is connected to number 23 yet. As they confirmed he died today, then it can't be at 23 yesterday, unless they estimated the time of death wrong. He was an alcoholic who still won gold competing while drunk, viking style. I'm old enough to remember watching him on tv during the Olympics in the 80's. This investigation of synchronicities truly is a Pandoras box.  He also had the same first name and second name as one of my exes dads, who died long ago, 2004 perhaps. Nykänen quit ski jumping when the V-style came in fashion. Rest in peace.

Now he can party in heaven to the songs of his youth. 

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