Monday, January 21

Trance Drum & Ambient Hypno

Going through all those old CD's took some time. I uploaded as much as allowed on Soundcloud for free, which is three hours. I should need at least six hours, but the cost is 5€ /month (billed yearly). not that much, but still, must recover from Xmas first. All those small expenses that you must have to keep going like Microsoft, Adobe, Spotify, Netflix and Blizzard all amount to almost 100€/month. Adobe is the most expensive and perhaps I should put Blizzard on pause. Just that every time I do, I want to play again. On the bright side, I managed to fix the keyboard and now all keys are in the right place again.

If you listen to the tracks keep in mind that they are ripped from old audio CD's, 10 years old at least. The original files are on other CD's , even older and perhaps even more corrupted. Matter dissolves itself, eventually. They should all be rescued, remixed and remastered. Recycled.

It's a tough week ahead, all the death days in the family gathered. Grandmother on the 25th, dad and my uncle on the 26th. Nobody should live to see their children die, my grandmother said. I think that's why she died on the 25th, the day before my dad died the year before, symbolically. Then in February it's Andreas death day on the 20th. In March things will lighten up again. Until then I will just hang in there, do what I can with what I got. Like write the master thesis for example. Why postpone? Start now. Do it today.

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