Friday, January 4

Tight skirts and high heels

I finished watching all episodes of House of Cards. So many loose ends. Joel was there, briefly. Relatively uninteresting character though. The daddy/husband/politician mixture. It had many strong female characters, but they all had to walk around in high heels all the time. It reminded me of Suits where the women had the same dress code and pattern of body movement. Tight skirts and high heels. Very unnatural. Do women in power in America have to dress up like this? High heels and any  type of garment that overly restrict your movements should be a laughing matter. Comfort before oppression. A woman in power wearing that 'costume' also signals that she is a victim of oppression.  Do women have to suffer physical pain with these uncomfortable attributes in order to reach positions of power? I suppose the patriarchal corporate and governmental arenas still support oppression of women. To them women are to be seen as statues of stupidity, for agreeing to this nonsense. Dress code aside, the female characters dispalyed the same ambition and ruthlessness as the male characters in their quest for power.
It's a sickening series really.

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