Saturday, January 19

The crown jewels

I this article you can read about how the Swedish crown jewels got stolen.They were stolen from the church of Strangnas (when I got my laptop back from Germany where Lenovo had repaired it from the hinge malfunction, they had also taken the opportunity to shuffle the keyboard, so no Swedish letters are available and all the special signs are on different places, for example the question mark and semi colon has switched places, very funny Lenovo, very inventive!) , which translated to English means austere nose. They were stolen on July 31, the day in the Swedish almanac that Helena and Elin has namesday. They belonged to king Karl IX (9) and queen Kristina the older. They are worth 65 million SEK (6328074.589 Euro *can't find the Euro sign either ). Karl IX was king in Sweden between 1604-1611. He was born on October 4. The cops think it was an order from a collector, because they can't really be sold. By now you should have figured out who ordered it. It's quite obvious.

It could of course be someone else wanting to frame, associate or send a message to the obvious.

Spoiler. If you can't figure it out. Who has an austere nose, a wife named Helena, wears the number 9 , has that kind of money and is born on October 3?(close)  Not that I think the thieves were paid that much to do it, perhaps 65 000 SEK, to cover the expenses.

Then there is another aspect. There is synchronicity with my life. In the years of Karl IX reign. 1604 seen as a date is April 16, which is my dad's birthday. 1611 should then be November 16. Which is one number one too many, just as in October 4. If we withdraw 1 from October 4 we have October 3, if we withdraw 1 from 1611 we have 1610  which is October 16 (World hunger day and birthday of Oscar Wilde).  If we then follow the shuffle theme initiated by Lenovo, we can switch places between the one and the zero and get 1601, which is January 16, my birthday.

If you're trying to figure out if  6328074.589 is a phone number, I'm way ahead of you. If you remover the three last digits it's registered at Telia,

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