Wednesday, January 9

No government

No government here, no government there. Not in Sweden, not in USA. Trump has had a keen eye on Sweden for all while, so perhaps he is shutting down the US government just to mimick Sweden. What happens when there is no government? In Sweden everything works perfectly, nothing has changed, life is smooth and easy. Maybe we should dismantle governments all together? One dictator to rule them all. Well, it's wrong to say Sweden has no government as people are still working at their posts. We just don't have a new governments since the election last year. No new ideology to base our decisions on. No new Prime Minister. What if it turned out the Swedish non-government is caused by something else entirely than the reluctance to cooperate with neo-nazis. What if the majority of votes went to something or someone they don't want to mention? There are always votes on Donald Duck etc. Of course I'm fantasizing about that people have voted for me. I'm the natural choice. As for Donald (Trump) I have one thing to day: Dismantle the wall. It prevents animals from moving around in their natural habitat. We humans have no place restricting the lives of animals. 

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