Friday, January 25

Good news

Joel and his wife Cleo has separated. Last year already according to the newspaper.  I guess he realized he had the wrong Cleo. There was a better one out there, here. I interviewed a medium for my psychic hotline Cleos Tarot and the interview consisted of a test where she gave me a reading. This new medium said many things that were correct, except for the newly separated part that I didn't really understand at the time. Since I'm not in a relationship I can't have separated from one. It was a codependent one too, according to her. But maybe this is what she picked up, another Cleo, that had separated. Or maybe she picked up on some obsessed stalker who has been living in a fantasy relationship with me, that would explain the codependency part. In any case, both options are good, because it means it's finally over, Joel is free and the stalker is gone. Let's just hope Joel doesn't find a third Cleo now. 😄

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