Wednesday, December 19

To be continued

As I promised I will tell you more about the personal development and other aspects related to what happened in 2010.  After the 'divorce' from and before as well, I had started to enter an excellerating phase of what could be described as spiritual awakening or a release from old thought patterns that only had served as restraints. It was like I was freed from something, got a wethering of freedom. But it involved great pain. The realization of what I had allowed mysef to become, an oppressed housewife, a victim of hundreds of years of patriarchal conditioning. I experienced and saw the patterns forming the systematic patriarchal oppression from the levels of society to the most private emic perspectives. I was shocked to realize what I had been conditioned into, what I had agreed to and why. I entered a relationship trusting it would be equal, but too young and unexperienced to spot the early warning signs of where it was heading. Then, not because this person was evil, but because he also was conditioned to believe this is how a man and woman should relate to each other, I enterned with uninformed consent regarding the content of the experience. I didn't know I was going to be oppressed, it was not there in the calculation, in that sense I was like a sitting duck to its practionioners. Just like you are born into a family. So that was a major insight that really ripped my worldview apart. Now, signs of oppression is the first thing I spot. That was one of the awakening processes that was in play before 2010. 

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