Sunday, December 23

The day before Xmas

This year we got a real tree. The neighbour had several so we could take one. Really nice to have a real tree. Since the 90's at least I think I've had plastic trees, which now seem like an obscenity. But then, one bought them to spare the woods. Why chop down a living tree in forest when one can have a plastic one that lasts forever, literally forever. The plastic Xmas trees will be around long after we have gone, generations after we have gone they will still be there.  I don't know if I have anything more to add to the 2010 review right now. other than to hope the insights will sometime come. To wake up and realize the corruption of the self is not an easy task. Just as I opened my eyes so must they. One thing is for sure though. I am certainly not going to live up to their horror fantasies and sick obsessions.

Those who are consumed by fear are the most dangerous people in the world. They discovered that this image could be used as a tool, a weapon to silence me. What I was saying was very uncomfortable truths about them, that they didn't want to be revealed, exposed and scrutinized. They just wanted to continue to behave like assholes in peace. If a woman opens up her mouth, shove a dick in it, or cut her throat, basically. That's the mentality of the most infected patriarchy.

Well, that will do for now. That is over. I think it's also the dilemma with being raised in the 70's where gender equality was presented as existing and a foundaion of the Swedish society and then the shock when you discover that was only an educated ideology far from implemented in society.

The most difficult decision of the day is however which box of chocolates to open first. We could also open them all at once.

Merry Christmas everybody. It's minus 20 outside. Stay warm.

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