Tuesday, December 11


I think this summarizes the weekend perfectly. I should have added a pink cape to that, but the computer crashed when I downloaded it, it was that powerful.  I actually made a similar prank with my grandmother, her cousin and their friend. They went to Stockholm one day to visit an 'angel shop' of some sort and I took a picture of them that I later edited making them queens with the king in the background. I remember they loved that picture. Well, have an essay to write, laundry to do, and driving classes to take. Life as a queen is far less glamorous than people think. Please call Cleo though, she really wants to talk to you 0939-1414 (19.90 kr/min).

As a sidenote to this story, a Finnish singer was stalking me that day in Stockholm in 2001 I think it was, and he did it again in Chicago 2006.

This of course also adds to the debate about governance. In lack of a political government then perhaps it's time for the royal regent to step in? The royal house in Sweden does not have much power though, but in case of emergency when we have nobody else to rely on they could maybe be of assistance. In the end it will however be me. 

Zlatan really likes the Dutch spelling though. I remember my glory days in Dutch media. "De Zweedse". It's a beautiful language, mijn koning. 

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