Sunday, December 16


This guy has been on my mind lately. Been wondering what he is up to. Haven't seen him since Predator and today I saw a perfecty good pair of Adidas sneakers tossed on the sideway. According to this little 'news' snipped he doesn't wear shoes to raise awareness of the homeless, which I think is an after construction. I read before that it's because he wants to feel more connected to the Earth, feel grounded or something and probably has a phobia against having stuff on his feet. If we were to date, this would be a problem. For once I think naked feet are kind of gross, especially if they are cold and dirty. Second, shoes are nice, especially in the winter.  Then again, me and Zlatan are getting a bit serious, so he would probably see it as cheating. Which of course he never does:
"I'm coming Beautiful, I'm coming. I'm going to take that line". ( Fortnite with Zlatan), then he had to take a break and went to the bathroom to wash his mouth. 

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