Friday, December 21

How dumb they have been

To even consider the possibility of me actually being that horror fantasy they had created. And the shame they must feel when they finally realize. That they after claiming to have known me so well, didn't trust the tranformation and liberation process to work its way through me, as it does with everybody. Some people live big lives and looking back at my life before 2010 there was no indication of that quality to lessen. My life would continue to be huge, because it is constructed to be that way.(I have suffered from hybris since age 4, as far as I can remember. )When you start to understand the apple sauce of the grown up world. I have always known my mission, not as a particularity other than just saving the world. I didn't know it needed saving at first, but I knew I would rule. However, unknowing of all the twists and turns the road would provide, but never loosing sight of what is important. Maybe I at times became fooled, deceived, interrupted or became blinded, devastated, agitated or excited. When I did, I always kept my face though, not showing my feelings on the outside, not acting them out, not in public. Because that is who I am and have always been. Restricted. I would say that is I one of my most prominent personal qualities even. So for me to be viewed as someone lacking this ability, as someone who is irrational and dangerous, is the most vile insult and attack on everything I am and stand for. So, if they feared that from me, they must have thought they had pushed me into a corner so small that I had no other option than to fight for my life. I was never that afraid. I knew that whatever they had planned, would fail. Because I grew up here, a very observant little creature, and knew exactly how misinformed and delusional these people were and probably still are.

Well, that was all for today. Apparently there is a demand that I make lasagna today.

I wonder if the saving the world is more a biogical instinct than an idea. If it doesn't need saving, I am perfectly happy to just enjoy it, but that is up to the world to decide, if it will let me help.

Yes, so I revealed their societal constructions, power dynamics, oppressive methodology and religious ideologies and that made them afraid to lose this power, to lose control of women, money and prestige, to mention a few.

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