Wednesday, December 5


Must write three discussion question on research ethics, ethnography and triangulation until tomorrow afternoon. As I'm going to the dentist tomorrow morning these must be finished tonight. I can sleep at the dentist (preferrably) or when I get home. The new company and new tarot line is slowly evolving.  On the first day they called so much I hardly had time to take a sip of coffee in between. After that it has been a bit quiet. Not completely quiet, but calm. I suppose because it's been Monday and Tuesday. Most people are jolted out of their homes, has to join corporate running wheels and are still in shock. Adding horrible tooth ache to that. All this is of course terribly boring to you, as you want the juicy gossip and nothing else. Ok, so I posted this a bit random thread on where I discussed wether the mystical sound that came from Mayotte could have caused those some 150 whales to die two weeks later. Most likely that was the case, as I am usually right about everything. Unfortunately the discussion was hijacked by misogynist trolls, of which Zlatan was probably one as he posted a pictures of his Welsh bulldog on Istagram. You get it? Wales, whales, dog, died. Dog means died in Swedish. The man is desperate for attention. He also went to the same venue as Joel Kinnaman went weeks before and looked around to see if he was there. Zlatan has by doing this appointed him as a rival. The reason why Joel is in this kettle is because he has a wife named Cleo. Are you folllowing? Cleo is my second name and in Joels fantasy I am his second wife.  He's a Cleo collector. Guys only care about their rivals. They will invest lifetimes in fighting over a woman, who they never cared about to begin with.

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