Wednesday, December 19

Good entry point.

I always review what happened in 2010 every now and then, because it was something really big that happened that has had enormous consequences in my life. The latest consequence was on the Swedish Heroes award show yesterday. I probably should contemplate a bit more on this before I comment, but we can discuss it all Xmas if you want, so I can distribute the sentences in ingestible portions throghout the holdidays. You can view this from so many perspectives; humorous, serious,personal, social, psychological and philosophical etc. Every possible angle can be scrutinized. The first thing that comes to mind is of course, 'oh no, not again', have we not discussed this enough, what more is there to add? Isn't this the ultimate proof of how overplayed this discourse is? What discourse you wonder? Really? Well, the discourse of Angelina Elander in media and the sub discourse of how uneducated , undeveloped and plain dumb people speak of and act around Angelina Elander.  In order to distance myself from this phenomenon that I have become, I speak of myself in third person to facilitate a wider 'objective' perspective. However, objectivity remains a subjective creation. But, if Zlatan feels that we need to talk about this, then let's talk about it, again. I am talking about the heroic act of the brave Fidan, that stopped a mentally ill woman who had entered a childrens playground waving a knife around. The Swedih Heroes award had then created a narrative film adaption of this event where actors where enacting the scenes. The crazy knife waving woman was wearing gym clothes and had long black hair. The fictive Fidan first tried to calm her down by talking to her, then when she turned away he kicked her in the back so she fell down to the ground, whereas he and another man that had came running sat down upon her and held her still. Zlatan was on the big screen with a message for Fidan, that 'he is the real hero' and  should continue to ' be himself''.  Very general and insipid for a 'message'.  But we get the message, this is how people in 2010 visualized me in their mentally ill horror fantasies and obsessions and many still has not recovered. I am of course referring o the story in Belgian media that this story functions as a metaphor for. Was I ill then, in 2010?  Am I ill now? Or is the world ill?  I don't beleive there is a single person sane enough on this planet that is qualified to make any such judgement. In order to judge me, you must know me, and that, nobody does to such extent that any claims of validity could be accepted, only I know myself that much. Here, it would be tempting to skip to the homouristic perspective, the comic relief. That Zlatan is going to get that crazy cunt, pin her to the ground and fuck her. That was the message. And, to create a new entry point to this lenghty, soon 10 year old discussion, or dispute actually. There is no open discussion about what actually happened, only opinionated standpoints and after constructions. Or was it revenge? That I outed our flirt and his wife found out or because I posted about Jane? I think it's possible that Zlatan is the most jealous guy ever, because he is in my face wherever I turn. It's a good thing 'he never left'. As an image of God he was always by my side, invisible but omnipresent. I don't think he can handle this level of flattery. Our passion is so hot and  steamy that it will make the Atlantic ocean boil and make global  warming seem like the ice age.

Yes, so I want to go and see Aquaman, but the rest of the family disagrees. Mortal Engines could be plausible, but what we all agreed would have been a perfect film to see was The Seventh Seal. They have been showing these old classics lately, but apparently we missed this one. They had it in the summer.

I'm going to tell you more about how I review 2010 from a personal development perspective as well, the roles we have created around celebrities and how life can be experienced from a multitude of levels. 

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