Thursday, December 6

Dar(l)in(g) for president

Yep, Sweden is still without government, and we are heading into the new year. I don't like to repeat myself, but apparently they need help and should call me. In case you haven't noticed I am the leader. Elander is an anagram for ledaren, which means the leader in Swedish. With my background in media scandals it is however unlikely that anyone in a position of power, or anyone for that matter, would risk even association. If I had been a man though, media scandals would be seen as a sign of fearlessness and bravery, a person who is not afraid to speak his opinion. Due to the stigma of womenhood I was instead labelled dangerous, psychotic and irrational. This deranged image of myself is still alive among those who contributed to its formation as it is easier to proudly hold on to imagined righteosuness than admit guilt. Every time I speak of this or even think of if, I become afraid. Afraid of what they will come up with next and afraid that they have consolidated this image so firmly that there is no hope for a future. These types of secterian societies should be shattered as they are stuck in a mob mentality that is ruled by fear. The small society is however also a reflection of the bigger society, which we clearly can see now with the Swedish 'government'. It has become shattered and this is good. We need to rethink who we appoint as leaders, in the small societies and at the governmental level. As it is now, with the people's election, anyone can start a political party and acclaim theselves the politician title. At a first glimpse this connotates freedom and fairness, but when you view it from a perspective of governmentality and responsibility it becomes clear that this is not just an irresponsible but a dangerous practice. This means that the biggest viking with the biggest sword and biggest mouth wins the 'election' and gets to rule. How about changing the rules? Because we can't have uneducated populism as a criteria for governance. I know this is difficult as it involves giving up the idea of political freedom. How to change the laws around criteria for starting political parties and who is allowed to hold positions of governmental power will take time to figure out, but it is necessary, because we can't have uneducated people in power imagining they know what they are doing.

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