Monday, November 19

Trashed laptop

Today I got my laptop trashed at school. No, I'm not in junior high, at the master education at the university, in Sweden. Went for coffee during the afternoon break and left the laptop, just as everyone else did, in the classroom. Trusting the people in the class not to touch it. I left my bag too, and coat. When I came back I didn't notice anything until I tried to close it and then saw the damages. I had a bus to catch so didn't want to stop everyone and accuse them for vandalism. I'm sure someone saw something. If it was an accident then there is no reason to keep quiet about it. If not, then I understand the silence. But why would anyone deliberately trash my laptop? Jealously? Of what? Resentment of some kind. Maybe they have read something about me in the news and gotten the wrong idea, or the person is mentally ill, a psychopath, and does this to other people regularly. I don't know. Or the person is too ashamed to admit the accident. Or unaware of smashing the table up against the chair with the laptop jammed in between, or jumping up and down on it. Sleep trashing? Coma vandalism? It's just one year old, the laptop. I can't really afford to buy a new one asap. Maybe there is some insurance, or the university will buy me a new one? I think they should.

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