Friday, November 23

The wife

Who cares, right?  We live in a modern world. Dobby is a free elf. That's how I see it. Isn't that the most magical statement ever? Relationships are traps. I have nothing against her though. If she could just stop bogarting the good stuff. Zlatan is shareware. The irony is not lost on me. How many times have I told women who are involved with married me to give up, he is just using you, he will never leave his wife, you mean nothing to him. I don't actually say that, but in other words make them realize being the other woman is a dead end. We haven't actually engaged in anything, other than flirting on social media, which he now says he doesn't use. So who have I been flirting with, his PR agents? Naw. I think the wife has forced him to deny everything. Well, from one thing to another. I almost got hit by a car today. Some crazy driver almost rammed me on the sidewalk, then made a u-turn at the intersection as another car was seemingly chasing after it. Luckily they stopped so I could pass, but still, totally wreckless. I also bought new black leather gloves. I'm so sorry, cow.

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