Wednesday, November 7

Sleep deprived

Sitting up all night with a home exam and then going to school early in the morning. There was one day in between, when I slept after sending in the exam in the morning, but then the whole sleeping rhythm was already distorted. I'm hoping for an early night today. Really starting to miss the gym though, and today is Combat day, but I must sleep. Zzzzz...oh yes, Zlatan. Haha. I wonder if the uses his 'flirt' with the Swedish football team as a metaphor, or analogy for something else.  There was an interview in Aftonbladet where he said something like ( sorry, too tired to post link or check references) ' They called me and I said no right away. They could have offered me anything; world championship, European championship, Swedish championship, or just one game, it would still have been no.' This is not an actual quote, but the content of what he said.  Anyway. think about it, ' She called me and I said no right away. She offered me everything;  marriage, a relationship, an affair or just a one night stand, I still said no. '. I never called, I swear to Satan ( been watching  Sabrina on Netflix).  I would never crawl like that for a man anyway, but it was a funny analogy. He's just dreaming I did.  Hm, but he did say something earlier about wanting to achieve, to feel needed. I can think of two ways he can achieve in my life:

1. Give me an orgasm
2. Contribute to science and the environment by sponsoring my research (currently in plastic pollution)

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