Tuesday, November 13

Should I wait up?

Or are you coming tomorrow...Zlatan? I saw he was looking for me in the audience. Sorry babe, it didn't even occur to me to look for tickets.  Whenever there's an event, concert or whatever that I would have wanted to attent, I won't go if I'm not especially invited. Vampire code. No, I actually had an important meeting today, then a lecture after than, then work, so the day has been full in every aspect. But I actually looked at the Fotbollsgalan on the net. At the exact moment Zlatan came into the picture the phone rang, so I had to watch it all again after the live broadcast. That's how dedicated I am to my subject of interest. There were a lot of northern Sweden associations on the show. The dialect was heard frequently and then the performing woman in a blue glittery pyjama with the weak voice.  I think my ex drew her album cover, the one where it looks like she's sitting and peeing.in front of a house. I said it then, that she had zero charisma, and that still holds. Wonder why they asked her to perform? The other singing woman, who sang the national anthem, wore one of my old dresses. I thought I left that one in Chicago, or it looked more like the Lady of the lake dress. The whole thing was a bit like a farewell to the exes and my past selves, all of those I dumped. I'm happy fooball- Sweden helped me with that. It was way more than they deserved though, but I assume the intention was to relate to my life and in this case my past. That is my solipsistic apprehension anyway. So according to the alphabet we are now at X, then I ask Y and then...I bet he's not going to show up,  If he does, I promise I will shave off my hair. I swear. I have no classes until Thursday though, so time wise I have a window. It was quite entertaining watching those football women walking around in high heels. I don't wear high heels anymore, it's not worth the risk. Imagine how it is for them then, who use their feet professionally and risk their livelihood because of oppressive dress code from last century. That's the big Y?

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