Tuesday, November 6


Read this. The image is an artist interpretation of the light reflections received from the object. Apparently the shape is based on data from telescopes and there is no actual image of it. Well, it accelerated just after leaving our system, so the appearance and spinning movement could have been camouflage, or a light sail. It was just here for three days in October last year.

The Space Council is silent about this, no messages received. They are more interested in how humanity handles this UFO, what discourses it becomes a part of.

I'm not sure how this music video relates to the topic, but it caught my attention, as in was suggested on YouTube. Well, you know that cows moo, right? Oumuamua sounds like an  elongated onomapoetic moo. This video that I don't know the intentions behind, but for me represents the cruelty towards animals in the slaughter houses and transports, that animals are also people, but in different garment, people that have been mistreated for too long and will not be 'our kind' any more.
We have ravaged their planet, taken them capture, breeding, abusing and killing them for food we don't actually need. 

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