Thursday, November 22

Maybe I'm just paranoid

But I think I saw foreign journalists outside the gym the other day and they said:
- I think that's her.
- Let's just go talk to her.
Maybe it was other english speaking people that perhaps knew me, but I was in a hurry to combat class.

There are of course millions of reasons why journalists would want to talk to me, because my life is so incredibly interesting in so many ways, but for notice. I charge at least 5000 $/€ for an interview. That price is actually outdated , today it should be at least 6000 $/€ . Inflation you know. Anyway, it's a fair price. Not too expensive and covers the costs of having to be exposed in media for a limited period of time. If there are many journalist coming for a bigger media event, then I can arrange a press conference where you will pay an entry fee. Then the price can be lowered to 3000 $/€  per person. Bulk price for press conference. If you want an exclusive interview then the price is negotiable, but not less than 10 000 $/€ .

Best regards
Professional business woman

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