Thursday, November 15

If you want to know the truth

Buy the book,

It's a perfect Xmas gift for the person who has everything. Especially that person with a well organized life, perfect family and conservative lifestyle. You know the type. The one you secretly wishes chaos would strike down upon. Well, this book would suffice. It's filled with chaos, nastyness and humour. I would say it's also a poetic book. It's not a regular story that has a beginning, middle and end. It's juxtaposition storytelling. Chronologically shuffled. Past, present and future mixes in a artistic avantgarde mannerism. It's definitely not a boring book, where I excuse my self with traumatic childhood experiences. Allthough they are there too. Most of all, it's eclectic and self purging. Highly recommended reading for anyone who feels stuck in their routes, mindsets or are just feeling sorry for themselves allthough they have everything. This is for you. Read it. Well, buy it first.

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