Sunday, November 18

Hang in there.

The t-shirts will soon start to sell. 

He tried to hang himself with a t-shirt in the prison cell in Morocco. They resuscitated him in Salé and took him to the hospital. This happened in the summer, some news write about it in July others in August. You probably wonder why I care?  Just a gangster, bank robber, carjacker etc. Well, we had an affair. A love story even. And he owes me money. Mostly that. I hope he's not dead now. The news only tell about this incident during the summer. Not what happened after. Maybe he survived, but with brain damage. Maybe he died.  We haven't spoken for many years. The phone number he used to call went out of business, it just didn't work anymore, don't know why. I think last time we spoke was in 2013. It could be that long ago. People don't know the person behind the headlines, what led up to his criminal 'carreer'. He helped me through a very difficult time in my life, just by talking to me over the phone from a prison cell in Morocco and I am grateful for that. I hope he is still alive and not contemplating another suicide attempt. 

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