Sunday, November 11

Father's Day

Today it's Father's Day in Sweden. As you all know my dad died in 2011, but I still him miss very much and talk to him every day. After my dad died, my uncle became the one I called on Father's Day and whenever I felt time had gone too long without talking. In our family we have, believe it or not, telepathy. We never been much to actually speak out loud, except when needed. When spoken it was not because of the importance of the words, but the sound of the voice, to have something to remember the day the body was not alive to produce it anymore. The sound of the voice is important. Think about that next time you hears someone speak. The words might be very nice or even horrible, but the feeling you get from the sound of their voice is what reveals their intentions.

Regarding telepathy, some schools acknowledge it, others don't. Those who have something to hide are of the latter, out of fear of being revealed of course and wants to stigmatize people with open senses as insane for 'believing' in telepathy. While much research has been done about the interconnectedness of body/mind/language/emotion with the conclusion that without a certain amount of telepathy communication itself would be impossible, that knowledge has not been accepted by the fearful. Who hasn't experienced thinking about someone and then suddenly that person calls or shows up? Me and my grandmother had the most amazing telepathic connection, we always knew when the other was about to call, or when something was wrong. Maybe telepathy is stronger within biological families?

Anyway. I had many fathers in my life, or father figures, both good and bad, mostly good though. The worst was my stepdad of course, as he was a pedophile. Can't get any worse than that. I also remember my former 'father in law' today, the cabin in northern Finland that he built and the nature up there.  And all my other fathers, dead or alive.

I dreamt about my real dad this night. It was a powerful dream. He took me out to the middle of a vast ocean where the enormous waves were colliding. I was afraid of the big waves at first as they were enormous. We weren't in a boat or anywhere actually, just there, above the ocean, as shapeless and invisible beholders, as ghosts. Untouchable by the forces of nature, enjoying its splendour.

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