Thursday, November 1

Belt synchronicity

Just saw this article. It's in Swedish and says that men were fighting each other specifically using belts outside Åhléns in Uppsala this evening, two hours ago in Uppsala.  I would say there are three points of synchronicity here, one is that I was in Uppsala a few hours before the riot, the second is that the riot was outside Åhléns; the emporium for which I worked in 1998-1999, but in Stockholm. Where there was this terror attack a few years ago with the truckdriver. So now again Åhléns is the target of violence. Perhaps not a conscious target this time? Or, where they also terrorists, the belters? No such information yet. The third synchronicity is of course that I posted a picture of a belt yesterday and the article emphasizes the belt as a tool, but also states other tools might have been used as well, which as a statement further consolidates the emphasis on the usage of belts in particular. All I can do is note the synchronicities and speculate about their interdiscursivity, which becomes most apparent in relation to myself. There are also three points of perspectives regarding causality or the lack of:
1. These people, or the person/group controlling them are blindly following my blog and use every source of information to connect to it and me. As in they started fighting with belts, because that is how they chose to interpret the picture and communicate. To send a message. This of course lead to further inquiries regarding what message. This explanation could be said to grant retrospective authority to me and my blog if that fight had been my intention with posting the picture. Which it of course was not. I had no objectives with posting that other than finding something halloweeny to post. Red laquer is a popular material for Halloween in general.
2. The other explanation is that it's pure synchronicity without any planning. Randomness. Which also is a concept worth developing. What does randomness entail? It too, if I am not completely wrong, follows patterns, the Fibonacci I think it was called. Popular media has really put a shame on all science. To look at the synchronicity not just of this case with the belters, but to look at the entire blog and how sycnhronicities have occured throughout time. Then following the Fibonacci theory, the synchronicities would probably reproduce themselves in new connections when attended anew.
3. I actually don't remember the perspective. It was similar to the first but with a reversed causal chain. Oh, yes, I already started to include that theory, that what if I had consciously posted that picture as a part of communicating with the world, and to see who was answering. Which is perhaps not a what if question, but what I also did. Even though the short time it took for me to find it and post it, which was an almost automatic practice that required no deeper thought, I autoengaged with the computer and internet. The deeper intention of actually writing a blog, posting picture and communicating online and irl is more constant and can be described as a deeply rooted desire to be a part of this world, not just a beholder. One can never truly just be a beholder either, as the beholded experience becomes internalized anyway, but metaphorically speaking.

Yes, well, as you can see I'm thoroughly brainwashed with analytical concepts of all sort, a real goodie bag of tools ( this will make people fight with candy straps tomorrow).

An additional synchronicity direcly related to this through the belt picture is the prior post, with Trump and the umbrella, If you look closely, you can see that my bellybutton is shaped liked an umbrella, or upside down anchor, from that perspective. The opposite perspective would mean that your ass was in my face, which is a completely undesired situation. Don't you think that Trump looks a bit like a news anchor though? In another paralell dimension he sure is just that. Thinking about the umbrella dump again, then maybe it was also a Rihanna dump? Perhaps Trump doesn't like Rihanna, something she said, or what she represents for him, secret lover? Or maybe Rihanna symbolizes something social, in terms of power? Like the Rosa Parks of Airforce One ( it's still called that?). Yes, and the belt is the slippery carpet.

I did not have to wait until tomorrow, the fight has already escalated into a candy store.

The designer of the infamous Christmas goat died today. It also has a red belt around its waist.


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