Friday, October 5

Zlatan is grumpy

He didn't like that I had not memorized his birthday and posted that stupid story instead of a full celebratory. What can I do to make this up to him? I could pick up the phone when he's calling, that would be a start. But what is 37 anyway. It's a high number. Halfway through the middle ages. I have to thank my parents though, for giving me so many horror stories to tell. That will be my revenge. I'm sure this makes my mother proud. According to her, to write is the noblest art. It's such a pleasure to write, when there's inspiration. When the words come easy, because you know the story. I must continue with I must remember this, the book I started writing a few years ago about Professor Oppenheimer and his adventures.

Oh yes, Zlatan. I keep forgetting about him. When a person is in your face almost 100% of the time, the times he is not, the mind needs a vacation. I wonder how many commercials he has done by now, anyone keeping count? He's on Spotify, tv, news, YouTube...wait a minute, is he trying to overthrow my power as the most influential person on the internet? I'm defeated dear, you can have it. All the power to you. My dad wrote me a power of attorney when I was taking care of him when he was dying from cancer.  In Swedish that said " Full Power to Angelina Elander". I must still have that note.

Perhaps I could make a drawing, but I already did.

There you go. My portrait of Zlatan. It's a few years old though, but so is he.

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